The Geothermal Alternative

Why fuss for generations with even more nuclear waste,
or fight over oil in countries around the world,

when heat from within the Earth
can power civilization for millions of years?


Geothermal Power to The People: Forget Iceland, Hot Rocks Are Everywhere
Geothermal power as an alternative to wind and solar
2012 article by Mark Halper on

Full Steam Ahead For California Geothermal Plans?
NPR story from August 2010

Geothermal Success Story (Oct. 2008):
The Philippines generate 28% of their electricity from geothermal field

Utilities putting new energy into geothermal sources (L.A. Times)

Geothermal Energy -- Clean Power From the Earth's Heat
A 43-page report from the U.S. Geological Survey (2003)

MIT issues new report on Geothermal power (Jan 2007)

Australia Pioneers Energy from Hot Rocks
more on
Hot Rock Energy

The Plus Side of Volcanoes -- Geothermal Power
(from the US Geodetic Survey)

Geothermal Energy Facts
(from the Geothermal Education Office)

Volcano World -- for Kids


Sea Floor Energy Around the World: What is a "hydrothermal vent?"

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